Dora the Explorer Season 5

Season 5 (2008–2010)

No. # Title Original air date Prod. code
102 1 “First Day of School” September 7, 2008 501
Boots and Tico are off to their first day of school.
103 2 “The Backpack Parade” September 15, 2008 502
Dora and Boots help Backpack get to the Backpack parade, so she can lead the parade and sing her song, but her allergies make her sneeze, causing her to drop all her items.
104 3 “Benny’s Big Race” September 16, 2008 503
Benny fixes his go-cart so he can finish the race.
105 4 “Isa’s Unicorn Flowers” September 17, 2008 504
Dora and Isa help Unicornio, a unicorn, return to his home at the end of the rainbow with some unicorn flowers from Isa’s garden.
106 5 “Dora’s Jack-in-the-Box” September 18, 2008 505
Dora’s found the perfect present for her baby brother and sister, a Jack-in-the-Box.
107 6 “Bark, Bark to Play Park!” September 25, 2008 506
It’s Twins Day, and Dora and Boots are off to the Play Park to reunite Dora’s puppy, Perrito, with his twin brother.
108 7 “Dora Saves the Snow Princess” November 3, 2008 507
Sabrina, a snow princess has had her magic crystal stolen by an evil witch who has locked her away in a tower in hopes that all the snow in the forest will melt. Dora, Boots amd the Snowflake Fairy set out to rescue the snow princess and prevent the snow from melting.
109 8 “The Mayan Adventure” November 17, 2008 508
Dora and Boots jump into a story to help twins win the Mayan ball game.
110 9 “Bouncy Boots” November 18, 2008 509
Boots is going to get his pair of boots back from the boot cleaners, and gets bouncy boots instead.
111 10 “The Big Red Chicken’s Magic Show” November 19, 2008 510
Dora helps Big Red Chicken get ready for his magic show.
112 11 “Dora Saves Three Kings Day” January 6, 2009 511
Dora, Boots and Diego are all ready for the Three Kings Day party.
113 12 “Benny’s Treasure” January 19, 2009 512
Dora, Boots, and Benny need to rescue Backpack and Map, who are heading for the junkyard.
114 13 “Dora Saves the Three Little Pigs” June 5, 2009 513
Dora, Boots and Swiper save the legendary fable of the Three Little Pigs.
115 14 “Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom” November 1, 2009 514
Dora and Boots must help a girl save her kingdom when it is drained of color with the help of the Snow Princess.
116 15 “The Super Babies Dream Adventure” November 30, 2009 515
When the Super Babies have a nap, Dora and Boots travel to the Castle of Dreams.
117 16 “Dora’s Christmas Carol Adventure” December 6, 2009 516
When Swiper tries to swipe the Christmas star from Dora’s Nochebuena Party, he lands on Santa’s naughty list. When Dora tries to ask Santa for another chance for Swiper to get off the naughty list, he does agree – but only if Swiper learns the true meaning of Christmas.
118 17 “Dora Helps the Birthday Wizzle” January 21, 2010 517
Dora and Boots rescue a special wishing wand for the Birthday Wizzle.
119 18 “Dora’s Big Birthday Adventure” August 15, 2010 518
Help Dora and Boots get back home in time for Dora’s birthday party.
120 19 “Boots’ Banana Wish” October 1, 2010 519
A wish machine makes bananas drop on Boots—endlessly. Boots is delighted to have this special treat, but soon the wish machine is broken, and the bananas won’t stop coming! So Dora and Boots must locate another one at Roberto’s robot workshop.