Dora The Explorer Season 2

Season 2 (2002–2003)

No. # Title Original air date Prod. code
27 1 “The Big Storm” March 11, 2002 201
Dora and Boots warn their friends of an approaching storm cloud.
28 2 “The Magic Stick” March 12, 2002 202
Dora and Boots find a magic stick.
29 3 “The Missing Piece” March 18, 2002 203
Dora and Boots help the jigsaw puzzle wizard, El Encantador, find his missing magic wand.
30 4 “Rojo the Fire Truck!” March 19, 2002 204
Dora and Boots join Rojo, the red firetruck, on his first mission to save a little kitten stuck in a tree.
31 5 “Lost Squeaky” March 25, 2002 205
Dora and Boots head to the Gooey Geyser to save Boots’ squeaky bath toy.
32 6 “Doctor Dora” March 26, 2002 206
Dora and Boots, along with their trusty friends Backpack and Map, need to help Benny, who is sick.
33 7 “The Golden Explorers” April 1, 2002 207
Dora and her friends form a soccer team and play against the big dinosaurs
34 8 “El Dia De Las Madres” May 8, 2002 208
Dora and Boots gather the missing ingredients for a Mother’s Day cake.
35 9 “Lost Map” September 16, 2002 209
A somewhat stupid bird mistakes Map for a stick and it’s up to Dora and Boots to rescue their friend.
36 10 “Pinto, the Pony Express” September 18, 2002 210
Dora and Boots are a cowboy and cowgirl who ride their trusty friend Pinto the pony across the wild west to deliver the Cowboy Cookies to Benny.
37 11 “The Big Pinata” September 19, 2002 211
Dora and Boots need to collect ten yellow tickets at the carnival to win the big prize: a big pinata that contains a surprise.
38 12 “The Happy Old Troll” September 20, 2002 212
Dora and Boots try to find all the things that make the Grumpy Old Troll not so grumpy.
39 13 “Super Map” October 14, 2002 213
Map finds a magic cape that gives him superpowers. Now, using his new superpowers, Map must lead Dora and Boots to Dora’s house so her father can show her a surprise!
40 14 “Click!” November 5, 2002 214
With her new camera, Dora and Boots snap photos for a contest.
41 15 “Rapido, Tico!” September 24, 2002 215
Boots’s toy firetruck gets lost on the top of the Snow Mountain so Dora and Boots, along with their friend Tico needs to get it back before Swiper does.
42 16 “A Present for Santa” September 24, 2002 216
Dora and Boots head to the North Pole to deliver a present to Santa Claus.
43 17 “A Letter for Swiper” January 20, 2003 217
Dora and Boots deliver a letter to Swiper when the Delivery Bird accidentally breaks her glasses. Along the way, they deliver letters to their friends that contain different surprises.
44 18 “Dora, La Musico” January 27, 2003 218
Dora and Boots lead a parade to free musical instruments that were locked up by Senor Shush, who doesn’t allow music in his village.
45 19 “Egg Hunt” April 20, 2003 219
Dora and Boots hunt for cascarones – Easter eggs with confetti and prizes.
46 20 “Super Spies” April 24, 2003 220
Dora and Boots need to stop Swiper from stealing Isa’s cupcakes.
47 21 “To the Monkey Bars” April 28, 2003 221
Dora has a secret; she never conquered the monkey bars. If she wants to retry it, she and Boots need to race over to the Play Park.
48 22 “Hide and Go Seek” May 5, 2003 222
Dora plays a competitive game of hide and seek with her friends in order to win a trophy.
49 23 “School Pet” May 12, 2003 223
Dora and Boots search for Mimo, the school’s hamster, when he goes missing.
50 24 “Quack! Quack!” May 19, 2003 224
Dora and Boots rescue a baby duckling that has magically come to life in their coloring book.
51 25 “Whose Birthday Is It?” May 26, 2003 225
Dora and Boots go to someone’s birthday party after following a mysterious birthday balloon.
52 26 “The Lost City” June 3, 2003 226
Dora and Boots teavel to the Lost City, where they hope find Dora’s missing teddy bear and nearly everybody’s other favorite things.
53 27 “Leon, the Circus Lion” July 14, 2003 227
Dora and Boots help Leon the circus lion, who has an unusual talent of juggling and uncycling, to join the circus.

Source: Wikipedia