Dora the Explorer Season 7

Season 7 (2012–2013)

No. # Production title Original air date Prod. code
141 1 “Dora’s Easter Adventure” April 2, 2012 701
Dora and Boots meet the Easter Bunny, who, is disguised as Hip-Hop Bunny.
142 2 “Dia de Los Padres” June 22, 2012 702
Dora makes a kite for her father on Father’s Day, and must retrieve it when it gets blown away.
143 3 “Dora’s Rescue in Mermaid Kingdom” July 10, 2012 703
Dora and Boots turn into sea creatures to help a lost Mermaid return to her mother.
144 4 “Fantastic Gymnastics Adventure” August 13, 2012 704
Dora and Boots are practicing for the Fantastic Gymnastics Show when Dora gets a special delivery, a beautiful rainbow ribbon. But Swiper came and swiped the ribbon so Dora and Boots must get the ribbon back in time for the show.
145 5 “School Science Fair” September 7, 2012 705
Dora and Emma are going to the school science fair with new friends.
146 6 “Dora’s Moonlight Adventure” September 14, 2012 706
Dora takes care of some kittens for Abuela, but they go missing.
147 7 “Perrito’s Big Surprise” October 15, 2012 707
There’s a surprise waiting for Perrito the dog, but Swiper wants to swipe the present! Will Dora be able to beat Swiper to the Surprise Hill?
148 8 “Dora and Diego’s Amazing Animal Circus” October 16, 2012 708
Boots and Baby Jaguar are having an animal circus, and Dora and Diego rush to get there.
149 9 “Benny the Castaway” October 17, 2012 709
Benny gets stranded on a crazy deserted island and it’s up to Dora and Boots to save him.
150 10 “Baby Bongo’s First Music Show” October 18, 2012 710
Dora and Boots help a little bongo drum get to his first show.
151 11 “Royal Rescue” November 5, 2012 711
Dora and Boots become a lady knight and a squire and assist a noble horse in saving Don Quixote, who’s been captured by a vile wizard and is being held in an abandoned library.
152 12 “Vamos a Pintar!” November 13, 2012 712
Dora and Boots help a paintbrush reunite with its painter.
153 13 “Check Up Day” November 14, 2012 713
Dora is at the doctor’s office for her yearly check up. There, she meets a few animals who are sick and learns that getting a shot isn’t as bad as it looks.
154 14 “Little Map” November 15, 2012 714
Map shows his nephew, Little Map, how to draw pictures and make a treasure map, causing Dora and Boots to go on a treasure hunt of their own.
155 15 “Dora’s Thanksgiving Day Parade” November 19, 2012 715
Dora and Boots rush to get Dora’s float back for the Thanksgiving Day parade when the Pirate Piggies cause it to fly away.
156 16 “Book Explorers” November 26, 2012 716
Dora and Boots visit the library, where they jump into books, meet characters of books, and help them find their lost items.
157 17 “Dora Rocks!” January 14, 2013 717
Dora and Boots have to get to Benny’s farm so they can use Dora’s microphone to invite their friends over for a sing-along party.
158 18 “The Butterfly Ball” January 16, 2013 718
Dora and Boots must help their butterfly friend attend the Butterfly Ball.

Source: Wikipedia