Dora the Explorer Season 4

Season 4 (2004–2007)

No. # Title Original air date Prod. code
77 1 “Fairytale Adventure” September 24, 2004 401
Dora and Boots are playing in a magical place where fairy tale characters live: Fairytale Land! But when a mean witch casts a spell on Boots, he falls into a deep, deep sleep. The only way to break the spell is for Sleeping Boots to get a hug from a true princess. Can Dora become a princess and save Boots?
78 2 “Daisy, La Quincenera” October 1, 2004 402
It’s cousin Daisy’s 15th birthday and Dora has to bring Daisy’s birthday crown and shoes. But the quest isn’t built for just one or two people, because Dora and Boots get help along the way.
79 3 “Star Catcher” October 6, 2004 403
Dora receives a Star Pocket from her Abuela and learns to catch the stars, but it stolen by a star-catching prince, thanks to Swiper who tied the balloon to it.
80 4 “La Maestra De Musica” November 22, 2004 404
Dora helps her music teacher get to school when her bike brakes.
81 5 “Shy Rainbow” January 11, 2005 405
Dora and Boots help a shy rainbow to shine for the first time.
82 6 “Swiper the Explorer” January 22, 2005 406
Swiper reveals his good side when he helps Dora and Boots to return a baby fox to its mother.
83 7 “Star Mountain” February 22, 2005 407
Dora needs to go to the Star Mountain where Swiper stole and flung the necklace.
84 8 “Big Sister Dora” March 21, 2005 408
Dora and Boots rush home after learning that Mami is pregnant.
85 9 “Super Babies” March 28, 2005 409
The Super Babies try to get their banana baby food back from Swiper.
86 10 “Catch the Babies” April 4, 2005 410
Dora’s baby siblings are aboard a runaway stroller headed towards Gooey Geyser. This wakes Dora’s family up in a flash and they must hurry to save the babies from being killed.
87 11 “Dora’s Got a Puppy” May 16, 2005 411
Dora and Boots needs to prevent Swiper from stealing Abuela’s present for Dora’s recently adopted puppy, Perrito.
88 12 “We’re a Team!” May 20, 2005 412
Dora and friends form a team to win a race.
89 13 “Super Spies 2: The Swiping Machine” July 23, 2005 413
Dora and friends needs to stop Swiper and his new invention from stealing Tico’s presents.
90 14 “Dora and Diego to the Rescue” September 6, 2005 414
Boots is carried away by his kite and Dora and Diego must race around the world in order to save Boots.
91 15 “A Crown for King Juan el Bobo” October 3, 2005 415
Dora and Boots help forgetful King Juan el Bobo find his crown in time for his wife’s birthday party.
92 16 “The Mixed-Up Seasons” October 5, 2005 416
When a snowman shows up on the beach in the middle of summer, Dora and Boots needs to help the snowman (and others) get to the right season.
93 17 “Best Friends” October 6, 2005 417
Dora and Boots plan to meet each other at Rainbow Rock to have a Best Friend’s Day picnic.
94 18 “Dance to the Rescue” October 11, 2005 418
Dora and Boots try to rescue Swiper from a magic bottle.
95 19 “Save Diego” January 23, 2006 419
Diego has saved animals, but now he’s the one who needs to be saved because he accidentally ended up on a cliff when rescuing a vulture and if he falls off the cliff, he gets punctured by a large pile of cactuses!
96 20 “Dora’s First Trip” April 7, 2006 420
Dora recounts when she first met Boots and the rest of her friends, as well as her first exploration: bringing the Fiesta Trio’s instruments back to them so they can perform for the queen bee.
97 21 “Baby Jaguar’s Roar” June 2, 2006 421
Dora and Boots help rescue Baby Jaguar’s friend, Baby Bear, stuck on top the big mountain.
98 22 “Boots to the Rescue” November 6, 2006 422
Boots need to bring Dora’s music sheet to Dora at her school when she forgets it.
99 23 “World Adventure” November 16, 2006 423
In this double episode, Dora and her friends are excited to celebrate Friendship Day. They run into a problem though, when they realize that Swiper has stolen all of the friendship bracelets from around the world. The bracelets won’t glow unless everyone from each of the countries around the world has them, so Dora offers to help Swiper give them back. Along the way, they meet some of Dora’s friends around the world.
100 24 “Baby Crab” June 25, 2007 424
Dora and Boots help a baby crab get back to Crab Island.
101 25 “Dora Saves the Mermaids” November 5, 2007 425
Dora and Boots set out to help Mariana the mermaid to recover the magical crown to help wish Mermaid Kingdom to be clean again and to stop an evil octopus from dumping trash on it.

Source: Wikpedia